A place where street foods from around the world are married together. It is the best of every culture brought together under one roof. She is Indian; he is Lebanese. In both cultures, street food is the best. The same street shack is passed along over 4 generations and is famous for one specific item that they master through their own family recipes passed along generations of love.


‘We decided to honor the beauty of both our cultures, integrate both our cuisines and play with the different ingredients and flavors to create our own recipe of love.’ And so The Shebi was born.

Tasty creations like Lebanese chicken shawarma served with the best Indian paratha, falafel pita pocket or homemade butter chicken shawarma with cumin rice using spices from Lebanon and India are only the beginning of this unique culinary concept.


The Shebi is Redefining Streetfood.

Shomkins’ adopts a  Low & Slow cooking methodology when preparing its menu.

From quality meats to poultry, seafood, and vegetables, we use special rubs; the right combination of heat and smoke, and monitor the process patiently to make sure the food is cooked to perfection.


An ancient practice to preserve food, smoking today has been taken to a level of handcraft, where art meets science. Simple ingredients are cooked with a simple process that simply requires patience, timing and practice to get that tender and juicy meat...


Succulent ribs, juicy beef briskets, and flavorful turkey, made of certified black Angus and pasture raised animals, coated in a secret spice rub and smoked between 8-12 hours over charcoal and hickory woods to ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ perfection. We love smoking meats of all kinds. But it doesn’t end there. When you know how to smoke, you can smoke pretty much anything, like cheese, seafood, fruits, nuts, olives and so on.


Originally called mantou - flour head, Bao buns are a typical food from China. We are taking this South-East Asian grab-and-go street-food culture to a different level, blending eastern and western cuisines.


With fillings like slow braised lamb shoulder & beef cheeks, panko crumbed fried chicken, tempura prawn, shiitake mushroom and crispy halloumi, we combine new flavors with traditional baking techniques and create recipes that compliment these amazing handmade buns. Spoiler alert: Kimchi fries!


Watch as we prepare your meal, inhale the rich scents of Lebanese cuisine,

take in the authentic ottoman-inspired detailing and generous, communal tables.

Kizbara is a place to come together and enjoy a fresh take on the world’s oldest and finest traditions: real, delicious Lebanese cooking, straight from the souk.   


BurgerItch is a homegrown brand created for our love to burgers. We use the best ingredients money can buy to create our menu. It's 4 burgers on the menu: The House, The Burger Itch, The chicken and The Veg

This brand is a gourmet burger concept that operates from our vintage food trailer.


Chick&Co is a homegrown brand

Nashville Style hot chicken

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