At the heart of The Foodsters Inc. is a close team of distinctive individuals with different backgrounds, all sharing the same passion for food, values and great ideas.


While we are a dedicated team that aims to ensure high standard of quality and professional service, we are also parents, family members, foodies, runners, jujitsu fighters, skydivers, artists, bikers, friends, farmers, and more.


Our collective expertise, background, skills and network is what sets us apart. We are not consultants, we are operators who believe in nurturing partnerships.


We are selective with the projects we work on because we are all involved. We believe that the success of an idea will always depend on the people behind it. We love working with like minded people.


Is the true meaning of a food lover. He was born into a foodie family. He is very creative and puts anything into his mouth. A Chef out of passion with a very strong operating background.  You could say that he’s a rebel. He is a food fighter!

Is our reality check. She brings us back to earth and together. She looks at numbers and makes sure we are on track. She pushes us to create more. She is our voice of reason. Motherly instincts included.

Is the visionary, always ahead of his time, always thinking creatively. He keeps us busy at all times with new ideas. He twirls the ends of his moustache when he thinks. A lot.

Is the social butterfly who coordinates the events. Always smiling, ambitious and loves what she does! All her life is about being in a good shape.

Is in charge of training and development. She is a perfectionist when it comes to service. Carina develops all the SOPs and trust us when we say “Do not mess with her”. She is our office sweetheart, has an infectious sense of humour and this girl can bake!

Is the guy who makes our dreams come true. Literally. We dream about the recipes and he creates them. He is obsessed with quality. He always wants to learn more and is eager to create new recipes. He is a humble street guy.

Is the guy who handles financial strategy. He slices and dices words and numbers to get down to the nitty-gritty so he can serve a balanced and healthy plan. He reads the fine print! So nothing gets swept under the carpet.

Is the creative graphic designer with a vast range of expertise in various areas including branding, printing&digital design, photography, advertising, social media marketing, web-design, montage and more. She invented the Poker Face.



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